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                                            FRANKLIN COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY'S TAX EXEMPTION REINSTATED

FCHS received notification from the IRS on January 2, 2015 that its application for tax exempt status was approved retroactive to May 15, 2014 so that all donations made to the shelter during 2014 are tax deductible to donors in accordance with tax law.


Franklin County Humane Society



Hello, my name is Lady. I am a very gentle, calm, and loving 6 year old English Pointer. I am white with black ticking all over my cute little body.

I am a lost pet and I was treated very well, I am house trained and only like gentle treatment. I am a little timid and only want to please and will promise to be your best buddy. I am very smart and a very fast learner.

It would be great to have a nice, soft bed to lie one, and soft, kind words and hands to care for me. I will do nothing but bring you joy and happiness. Please come to meet me and just maybe you will find me as irresistible as everyone else does!

Love,Wags, and smiles,


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Hello, my name is Cinder. I am a very soft and sweet, mellow little 8 month old girl, with beautiful, shiny, long fur. I love attention and I love to be around people.

It would just make me so happy to have a nice warm and cuddly home to live in and some really nice people to share it with.

Please come to the shelter so that we can meet and become best friends, loving companions, and soft comforters.

Purrs and Meows,


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Hello, my name is Howie. I am a very vibrant little 4 month old orange tabby fellow. I have very intense eyes, and love to observe my surroundings quite thoroughly before I decide to pounce on whatever happens to be moving by. I would love to be an addition to a loving household in need of more purring and petting.

Yours Truly,


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Franklin County Humane Society

Ways to help:


Wooftrax is a no cost app for your smart phone.  For every mile you walk, Wooftrax will donate money back to our shelter! Sign up here!


Donation Drop Sites:


We now have donation drop locations at the following locations:  Orschelns in Pacific and Washington, and Tractor Supply in Union.  Look for our donation barrels and you can drop off your items at these locations for a more convenient way to donate!





We have straw available through OpSpot's "Free Straw For Warm Paws" program.  Please call first to make sure we have some available before coming to pick it up. There will also be limited numbers of dog houses available.

"Free Straw For Warm Paws"


Volunteers Wanted!

We have many volunteer opportunities available:

Mobile Adoptions, shelter assistants, fund-raising, and developmental.  For more information about opportunities, please contact


Before volunteering, you must first attend one of our orientations.  These are held the first Sunday of every month at 2PM here at the shelter, unless it is a holiday weekend. Orientation dates are listed on our calendar under our events page.

Did you know?

Did you know each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the U.S. As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all of these animals. Please Spay and Neuter your pets, and help save lives and end needless suffering of these pets. We offer low-cost options for altering your pets.


We have cats and kittens for adoption at the Arnold PetSmart.. These cats are housed at here so that they can get more visibility in the community, and have better chances at finding their forever homes!

Our dogs travel every Saturday to area PetSmarts and Petcos with our mobile adoptions.

This helps get these pups more visibility in the community, and gives them more of a chance at finding their forever homes. Please check our calendar for locations!

Franklin County Humane Society
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